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Historic Aldredge House offers a beautiful and unique venue for portraits of all types. 


From bridal portraits to family groups to senior portraits, the interiors of the house and the expansive gardens provide numerous settings that will make your portraits all the more special.

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Portrait Fees

Portrait fees include interior and exterior use of the Historic Aldredge House for two (2) hours.

The Master Suite is available for changing. 

  • Monday through Friday $300

  • Saturday and Sunday $300

  • ½ hour extension $50

To reserve a date and time or for additional information, contact:

To secure a date, full payment, signed policy agreement, and portrait agreement must be received.


Portrait Policies

Historic Aldredge House is registered as a National Landmark, a Recorded Texas Historic
Landmark, and a contributing structure of the Swiss Avenue Historic District.
The following portrait policies are in place to protect this unique property.

1. A portrait sitting includes the client, up to two family members/friends and the
photographer. If more than two people are to be photographed, then this will be
considered a photo shoot, which has a different set of policies and usage rates. The
exception would be a family portrait sitting or engagement portrait sitting. Ask the
Aldredge House liaison for more details.

2. You must notify us prior to your portrait session if you will be using an outside vendor, such as a musician, horse & carriage, antique car, etc.
3. Boudoir photography is not allowed at Historic Aldredge House.

4. All floors and carpets must be protected from any moveable equipment.
5. Furnishings of Historic Aldredge House shall not be taken outside of the House or
removed from the House.
6. No tacks, staples or tape of any kind may be used on floors, walls, furniture or carpets on
the interior or exterior of the House.
7. No rice, confetti, flower petals, birdseed, glitter or any other material may be used
inside or outside the House.
8. Votive candles are allowed downstairs only; no candles are permitted upstairs. 

9. Food and drink are NOT permitted upstairs, with the exception of water.
10. Smoking is prohibited in the House.
11. Animals are prohibited in the House.
12. PHOTOGRAPHERS TAKE NOTICE. Clients are not permitted roof access other than in an
Emergency evacuation.


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